Reflecting On One Rotund Raindrop

Spending so much time on Sligo Creek and the other Anacostia River tributaries lately, I’ve been inspired to take a stab at poetry again. I’m no Carl Sandburg (I did get to tour his house once), just a guy who likes picking up a pencil and scribbling down some lines – especially in haiku form. Here are six 5-7-5 combos I wrote about a one rotund raindrop I admired today. I crawled around on my knees for 15 minutes, drenching my jeans and boots, just to soak in the view. It was absolutely worth it. No. 6 here is my favorite of the group.

Rotund Raindrop No. 1

Image of a fat drop of rain hanging on to a blade of grass in Sligo Creek. Nature poems.
Photo by Chris Lancette

Sunday morning walk
Rain falling on Sligo Creek
Rotund raindrop swells.

Rotund Raindrop No. 2

Morning on Sligo
Raindrop hangs on for dear life
Will it hit the ground?

Rotund Raindrop No. 3

Frogs croaking this morn’
Intermittent rain falling
One drop fights to live

Rotund Raindrop No. 4

Wake up this morning
Crawl on my knees in the rain
Admire rotund drop

Rotund Raindrop No. 5

Jeans soak in the creek
Rotund raindrop beckons me
Happy to get wet

Rotund Raindrop No. 6

Trunk and leaves grow round
Raindrop holds a tree inside
Nature shows her might

Do you write poetry of any form that you would like to share with us for our Poet’s Lounge? We’re looking for all kinds of poems about Sligo Creek, the Anacostia River, anything related to the Anacostia River Tributary Trail System, and nature in general. Email us your poems at today! Be sure to tell us how you want your name to appear and include a biographical sentence or two about yourself. We read everything we receive and are happy to publish anything that fits our mission. Even if you’ve never tried to publish any of your work before, we encourage you to get outside, experience any stretch of Sligo Creek and other Anacostia River tributaries that you like, and see if inspiration strikes. We’re sure it will.

Photo by Wonok Kim


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