Relief for Dry, Cracked Winter Skin

Winter always brought me the chance to experience Sligo Creek in a new light – but it came with an unfortunate side effect. All of my fingertips used to split wide open. That sent constant, stinging pain shooting through my hands. I left little bloodstains on everything I touched. Typing on my keyboard? Ouch. Riding my bike or working outside as I often have to do in my day job? Brutal.

I can’t count the number of skincare products I tried or the number of adhesive bandages I used. Humidifiers worked overtime. Nothing worked. I suffered until spring came.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands skin cream really does work!
Get relief for your dry, cracked hands now. You can thank me later.

Desperation led me to O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream. The canisters and tubes proclaimed that the product “heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands.” It offered a money-back guarantee, in fact.

I applied it twice a day or as needed, rubbing into my hands. This is going to be as useless as everything else, I thought.

I was wrong. My fingers began to heal within days. Pain disappeared. And my hands stayed hydrated and un-cracked for the rest of the season.

That was about three winters ago. My hands remain intact now.

I begin applying it each year the moment the weather turns dry and cold, and I keep using it until the flowers bloom. I had to do a job last week that put O’Keeffe’s to another test – several straight days of wrapping an unheated house full of objects into cardboard boxes taped together by my own hands, packing them onto a truck and then unpacking them all at an auction house. I got one microscopic crack one day, and it healed by the next.

I don’t know enough about science or cosmetics to explain how ingredients including water, glycerin, sodium hydroxide and others work. I just know that O’Keeffe’s Working Hands actually works. When I find something that does an excellent job for me, I like to tell people about it. Order a tube or canister today. Your hand will thank you for it.


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