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Check out a wide variety of videos relating to life on Sligo Creek and the Anacostia River Tributary Trail System — wildlife, first-person reflections and reporting by Christopher Lancette, interviews with fascinating people and so much more.

Great Blue Heron Hunts for Dinner

Good things come to those who wait-- including this great blue heron on the Sligo Creek. We often spend hours watching herons hunt for meal. Their patience is incredible. The sight never gets old. Check out the feast this heron enjoys today

Social Distancing on Sligo Creek Retention Pond Dam

Chris Lancette practices a little social distancing at the University Boulevard retention pond dam along Sligo Creek.

Father and Son Volunteer to Protect Wildlife

Greg Goodwin and his son Gabriel reflect on why it is so important to them to volunteer their time removing Japanese barberry from the banks of Sligo Creek, located in Wheaton, Maryland. The shrub is one of many invasive species plants overtaking the creek and threatening native plants and wildlife. The duo volunteered with the Montgomery Parks Weed Warrior Program at a work session organized by Friends of Sligo Creek.

Reflections From A Newly Minted Weed Warrior

Host Chris Lancette reflects on a day well spent – joining neighbors to fight invasive species and protect native plants and animals along Sligo Creek in Wheaton (Silver Spring), Maryland.

“Weed Warriors” Battle Invasive Species at Sligo Creek

Host Chris Lancette sits on a log and interviews Jim Anderson, a long time Montgomery County and Friends of Sligo Creek volunteer. He’s leading today’s charge against a patch of Japanese barberry, one of many invasive species that are killing native plants and animals at Sligo Creek.