Lake Artemesia Mural Brings Even More Nature to Life

This Lake Artemesia mural is a great destination for bicyclers, hikers, walkers, birders and more.
Lake Artemesia mural is a gift that keeps on giving. Zoom in!

I continue to admire this stunning, Lake Artemesia mural in College Park. I see it every time I make my usual bike ride from Wheaton out to the lake and back (about 30 miles round trip) — visiting the bathroom building art even though my bladder is fine. It never gets old. (I ride year-round as long as there’s no snow and ice.)

I keep meaning to contact Prince George’s County to learn more about it. Who painted it? What was the spark that led to its creation? How can I hire the artist or artists to paint one for me?

I love everything about it, especially the detail of the turtles on the log. There has long been a part of a tree sticking up out of one side of the smaller lake that I refer to as – (parents: cover the eyes of your children) – “the turtle humping station.” Seems like every time I pass by, there are always two turtles on that log engaged in the act of making more turtles. Sometimes, though, there’s just one turtle sitting there hoping for some action.

If you’ve never been to Lake Artemesia, you’re missing out. I always prefer to visit on my bike but you can go by car. There’s plenty of parking available. A paved trail will take you on a loop of more than a mile, with breathtaking sights all around.

The ol’ turtle humping station.

Fans of this site know we have a thing for great blue herons, even the one on the Lake Artemesia mural.


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