Jackie and Stella: Adopting A Home

Stellar & Jackie

Sligo Creek made Jackie Haymon’s dreams come true.

She wanted a new home with a view of nature — and that would make for a great home for a dog she didn’t even know yet.

“I chose my house because of Sligo Creek,” Haymon says of the home she found on the Wheaton end of the creek. “I get to look out from my back deck every day and see the trail.”

One down and one to go, Haymon promptly sought an animal shelter and met a skittish but loveable bulldog-boxer mix that several other families had returned. Haymon’s heart went out to the repeatedly abandoned pup – adopting her and giving her the name “Stella.” (Eye On Sligo Creek also loves shelter-rescued dogs!)

Stella quickly fell in love with Sligo Creek, too.

“She loves all the smells,” Haymon shares, staring down at the dapper dog sporting a rose and pink plaid jacket on this January day. “She’s very inquisitive.”

The home has also been a perfect fit for Stella’s human.

“I’m really enjoying getting to know my neighbors,” Haymon says. “This is a great place to meet different kinds of people in the community.”

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