Cheers To Norm The Great Blue Heron

I met a jovial and big-bellied great blue heron at the University Boulevard retention ponds. His dramatic entrance and reaction from other patrons at the Sligo Creek water bar made me think of “Norm” from the classic NBC comedy “Cheers.” I particularly love the ancient Japanese poetry form of Haiku, so here are my first four tributes to great blue heron Norm:

Great Blue Heron Norm No. 1

Great blue heron Norm
Everybody knows his name
Frosty water, please

Great Blue Heron Norm No. 2

Great blue heron Norm
Swoops down for a drink and snack
Sligo Creek special

Great Blue Heron Norm No. 3

Great blue heron Norm
Sunfish or bluegill swimming
Gulp. The fish is gone.

Great Blue Heron Norm No. 4

Great blue heron Norm
Startled fish in Sligo pond
Primeval surprise

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